Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip – Get Better

  • 13 Jan 10

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Just as the gods predicted Dan Le Sac and his tall, bearded friend Scroobius Pip have returned with a new single entitled “Get Better” which, despite having all the lyrical prowess in the world occasional comes off less feel good and more like a piece of subversive propaganda from George Orwells “1984”, “I aint saying be celibate, go out and have you fun, but there’s plenty you can do without impregnation” speaks pip aroundĀ  the halfway mark, its an nice sentiment for sure and arguably, true of alot of lives but with its sickly synth it feels like it panders too hard to the audience the song intends to speak to. Anyway, you can listen above whilst simultaneously hoping AND praying this isn’t the best the forthcoming “Logic Of Chance” will bring. You have that power.