Beach Fossils – Vacation

  • 20 Jul 10

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For those amongst you who enjoy the half arsed preppy flail pop of The Drums, but not the aggressively jackhammered ”WE’RE JUST LIKE JOY DIVISION AND THE SMITHS, LOOK YOU CAN TELL FROM OUR SEIZURE LIKE MOVEMENTS AND CONTRIVED VOCALS!” aesthetic , I reinstate my interest (see?) in Beach Fossils. Sharing the very same love of the twangy riffage of surf pop, Beach Fossils build layers of melodic beach boy guitar, creating a sound that will make you actually want to ”Go Surfing”, (not that you would know it, judging by the ridiculously sweat drenched faces of the Pitchfork staff half-watching-half-”Like I give a shit, I’m tweeting here’) However don’t take the stoney faced cool of the Pitchfork elite as a measure of quality, (they would only change expression if they were told Pavement and Animal Collective were collaborating on a range of oriental enfused humous…) the above video is truly testament to how vintage summer guitar pop should sound, free of pretension, (genuinely) fun, un-contrived, and played not throwing yourself around the room, like an epileptic stuck in a twister. Poifect