Beach Fossils sit in a bathroom wearing Levis and playing "Daydream" in acoustic form

  • 19 Jul 10

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Now before you get your “sell-out” hats on and start pointing at Beach Fossils in a judgemental rage, please remember that the band probably scored some free jeans from this. Which is always worth it, you have no idea what I would do for free jeans. So let’s skip straight on past the giant Levi’s logo in the bottom left corner and get onto the song itself, a rather gorgeous version of the highlight Beach Fossils self titled (and reviewed here) debut album. In it’s acoustic form it comes out softer, dreamier and much more accomplished than it’s album twin, feeling much more like the natural ‘home’ for the band.

Check it out above.


  • Zapp Rowsdower

    I have it on good authority there werent no free jeansss

  • This disappoints me.