Arcade fire slow it all down for 'Ready To Start' video

  • 20 Aug 10

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If anybody knows the power of copious amounts of slow motion, it’s the current holder of the smuggest sounding name on the face of the planet & Watchmen director Zack Snyder. As it turns out he was the first man on earth to work out how to make moving images (and get this) slower, so he took it upon himself to make every other scene in his movies a long drawn out slow motion epic to showcase this pioneering new directing skill he has acquired.

Well somebody’s been paying attention, so it would seem, because in a WORLD FIRST somebody has decided to slow down live footage and play an album track over the top of it. Clever right? This is indeed the premise for Arcade Fire’s ‘Ready To Start’ video, a song which originally leaked 6 billion blog years (a few months back) ago. And hey, it’s even in black and white! That’s totally music video shorthand for “atmospheric”.

At least we get to see some more of Win’s alt-mullet.

Seriously, love that mullet.

BONUS ROUND: Not had enough Snyder bashing? Check out his smug fucking smile, bro.