Animal Collective – Brothersport

  • 09 Jan 10

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tndie lust objects and carnival psychedelia movers and shakers Animal Collective have a new video from 8Th (8TH!) studio album Merriweather Post Pavilion which was loved by critics and people in art schools and looked on with a certain amount of uncertainty and anger by most of humanity, including me at one point. Still, consider this a chance to throw yourself into that dizzying world of blog-loving-culture (Don’t you dare call your ironic rap band that, Mr hipster). As with all AC songs it builds and builds in the back of your mind well before you realize you’re actually completely engrossed in it, this is the way Animal Collective work. The video itself has kids, creepy animations that look somebody threw up their stomach contents and then looked at them while on acid, sort of.

Anyway, see it above now.