Allo Darlin' – My Heart Is A Drummer

  • 29 Oct 10

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Pretty girl? Check. Ukelele? Check. Giant papercraft heart suits? Errr… Check! Oh, it’s twee alright, but Allo Darlin’ are nothing if not amazingly enjoyable. ‘My Heart Is A Drummer’ is of course the latest single from their self titled debut in which each song is basically a little bundle of indie pop joy so incredibly sweet that you can almost feel the diabetes creeping its way into your blood stream. Of course you shouldn’t let daily injections injections and blood monitors get in the way of your enjoyment of the London 4 piece, it’s simply something to keep in mind. Wasn’t I meant to be writing about the song? Oh, nevermind.

Obligatory press mode: It’s going to be out on Fortuna POP! on the 15th of November, with the B-side “If Loneliness Was Art” (acoustic version) which is worth the entrance money alone.