Yeasayer – Madder Red

Usually I hate seeing a promo, where the video interrupts the song its been combined with. For instance the infuriating, mid song phone call interlude, found in Chromeo’s Needy Girl, sends me into such a inferno of anger, I can only be coaxed out of my rage fuelled coma by the mantra ”Mark Ronson’s career will soon be over…”
However this outlook changed today when I saw the above video for Yeasayer’s decidedly (yet brilliantly) 80’s Madder Red. I can’t begin to explain what it’s about because I (and I suspect the makers) don’t really know, but a note to all musicians/promo directors, if you’re going to interupt a song, with the video, make sure its because of a sickeningly repulsive living pet of a tumour, and its slow demise and need for hospital treatment.