'We Want War'

Who else can mix the percussion found in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the skittering trumpets of Bloc (R.I.P) Party’s hit track Mercury, a 13 piece woodwind and brass band, the spoken word ramblings of a scientist gone mad, and come out with the most exciting 7 minutes of madness, since The Horrors stopped raiding their mothers make up box and wearing blouses?

Good guess but no it isn’t Jedward, but rather the increasingly intriguing These New Puritan’s, with their returning single ‘We Want War’. Don’t worry TNP haven’t gone all Guy Garvey, the aim of the addition of choirs and orchestration is infact just the very opposite, with enigmatic frontman Jack Barnett telling Any Man Magazine ”To me it’s embarrasing when bands bring in classical instrumentation to make their music sound anthemic or ‘orchestral’. We’ve done the opposite – now our music is even more uneven and distressed.”

‘We Want War’ is just that, distressed, uneven, frantic, but at the same time focused, sharp as the samples of Kantana swords reverberating within the track, almost as if it is embedded with equations, creating a sound that can be equal parts admired, and danced to.

‘We Want War’ is out January 18th

Joe Thresh

  • Liam

    As I said to Alec, I have listened to this over and over and I still can’t find an appeal to it.

    I wanted this to be good but I’m just not feeling it.

    Sorry TNP.