We Have Band: Divisive

Having only just being liberated from my 2 weeks of broken laptop hell, I was looking forward to a barrage of good music to overwhelm my deep set withdrawal symptoms. Enthusiasm waned however, as an aggressively frantic search of blogs and music news sources provided nothing but a few dregs of ear worthy audio, and a severe backlog of heaped mediocrity. The above song exists somewhere between the two, filling the pre-packed party band position that The Whip are sort of, ever so slightly famous for, and a knowing potential that if they tried hard enough, it could be they who come shrink wrapped, and ready to support any mediocre electro band touring toilet venues nationwide. The song and indeed the video sound and look like something Mr.Motivator would thrust his leaotard clad bulge to, which depending on your stance on middle aged, thigh lunging TV presenters, could be a good or bad thing.
Ah man it’s average to be back

Joe Thresh