These New Puritans – 'Hidden' Tracklisting

Having seen TNP live twice, I can without hesitation say they’re one of the best live bands I have ever witnessed, somehow managing to bring their intriguing debut ‘Beat Pyramid’ to a live environment, without complication or hesitation. Luckily for me (and people with functional ears/taste in music) they’re set to make their return with sophomore album ‘Hidden’, slated for a January 18th release. Said to feature, Japanese drumming, child choirs, prepared piano and a technique that involves sellotaping crackers to melons to simulate the sound of a human head being split open, it looks like it is going to outdo ‘Beat Pyramid’ in its abject abstractery. Not one for Peter Andre fans then. Tracklisting below

1. Time Xone
2. We Want War
3. Three Thousand
4. Hologram 5. Attack Music
6. Fire–Power
7. Orion
8. Canticle
9. Drum Courts–Where Corals Lie
10. White Chords
11. 5

Joe Thresh

(It seems the first single to be released off ‘Hidden’ ‘We Want War’ was actually on not so long back, but looks to have vanished off the web entirely. If anyone can hook me up consider my soul sold…)