The Strokes – Studio Footage

Still reeling from the accelerating news of The Strokes return? Well then brace for a heart attack, (or a STROKE GEDDIT!?), because above is footage from inside the studio in which Jules (noticeably absent from the video) and co are shaping what will be the fourth Strokes LP. Boasting the same child like chumminess that was seen on their early tour documentary, in transit, it appears the band are back to their old selves, hopefully putting the tensions aside for good this time. Look out for Nick Valensi, he is wafer thin but I assure you he’s in this video, and Fab Moretti, slowly morphing into Brett From Flight of The Conchords. Watch/squeal like a hyperactive fangirl above
All together now ”Nikolai broke the zoom….Oooooh Yeah!”