Surfer Blood play new song, cover Pavement and have a lovely time in session.

Do you like Surfer Blood? Do you enjoy small rooms? Is black and white your favourite way to view bands? If the answers to those questions were yes, of course & YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS IT IS then sit back kiddo, you’re in for a wild time. Surfer Blood recently recorded a live session for Halfway House where they played a few album tracks and an entirely new track (which you can hear above, stoopid) called “I’m Not Ready” which sounds remarkably like a Surfer Blood song. No news on what future release it’ll pop up on, but in other news the band also took the time to cover Pavement’s hazy classic “Box Elder”, shaving a whole 7 seconds from it’s run time and tightening the entire thing up in a not entirely unpleasant way. Cool, right?

Grab ‘Box Elder’ here, and click here to download the entire session.