Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Banned (By The Man)

Courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood Stereogum, I have an entirely new song from that heavily forthcoming 3rd LP entitled ‘Let It Sway’ (Sounds familiar?) to share with you on this fine day. Apparently they like to call it “Banned (By The Man)” but I like to call it “Somebody Still Love You Boris Yeltsin Do A Song That Sounds Like They Just Got Back From The Nineties”, I guess their title is shorter… Anyway it continues the vibe coming from the new album of immediate, poppy and entirely hook lead songs. ‘Banned’ does come out sounding a lot like Free Energy, which is cool if you like Free Energy (I do…. Slightly shamefully) but if you don’t you may well be pawing at your ears in anger/horror for those very few minutes that the song is playing. GOOD LUCK.

‘Let It Sway’ will be out on the 17th of August