Kindness: Live in Philly

Kindness fans rejoice (yes all 8 of you), as after weeks of trying to find a shred of material, I have stumbled on an album dating back to 2007, entitled live in Philly, it boasts the lo fi warbling’s, the clattering drum machines, and fuzzy synths that make the elusive Adam Bainbridge so appealing. The university he recorded it for describes it as

“Live in Philly” is Adam Bainbridge’s contribution to the Eric James Johnson Memorial Fellowship program. It consists of an album recorded during his stay at the Institute in May 2007, and a small pamphlet illustrating the work, typeset by hand. Employing a variety of musicians from the Institute and the rest of Philadelphia, as well as sound sources and records found or recorded in the city, the Kindness album is a personal and welcome contribution to the Institute’s body of work.

However don’t expect the wealth of covers found on his seemingly deserted myspace though, only 1 appears, an abstract reworking of fat dancer Robbie William’s pop flop ”Rudebox”. It’s a collaboration between what sounds like Bainbridge and Mr Blobby, (as in the pink freak associated with Noel Edmunds…not Robbie Williams) Hopefully this mind melting package will tide you over until Terrible Records (owned by the pointy chinned german looking one from Grizzly Bear) can track Bainbridge down long enough to release his debut…Until then enjoy/marvel/ponder/lie down in confusion

Download: Kindness Live in Philly

Joe Thresh