Jónsi – Time To Pretend (MGMT cover)

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the mildly terrifying image of the one and only Jónsi Birgisson, he looks like a mass murderer in an episode of Wallander, bless him.  His real identity is infact that of everybody’s favourite member of Sigur Rós (+5 Internets for anybody who can name every other member WITHOUT using the Internet). After his two solo albums now out there (Classing “Go” as ‘out there’ after a leak so large is ruptured the spleen of anyone within 50 miles) Jonno has recorded a little cover of that MGMT song “Time To Pretend” on the ever piss-annoying Jo Wiley show. Sure, he misses out a few words and its barely recognisable in its piano and falsetto covered form but it’s just about as awe inspiringly beautiful as getting the train doors to stop exactly where you’re standing. Maybe even more, who knows. Anyway, you can totally hear that cover by clicking right here (Thanks to Stereogum, you boys are alright) and pick up a legal copy of “Go” on April 5th at all good retailers and shit.