Hadouken! – Turn the lights out

The musical maestros from Leeds also known as Hadouken or Hadouken! (depends on how aggressive you like your punctuation) are back at it again. Sadly they obviously haven’t learnt from their past mistakes.

Opting for an even poorer attempt at the white boy rap that was present on their debut album, ‘Turn the Lights Out’ sees H! progress from grindie-hardcore-nu rave weirdoes to grindie-hardcore-nu rave-attempted mainstream weirdoes.

Taken from their second album ‘For The Masses’, due out next year, TLO grates on the ear drums through out its near 4 minute ear raping existence. I know that I should at least attempt to be objective about the song but it is so difficult to be objective when they have given me nothing to work with.

The one kudos I will throw H!’s way is their order to turn out the lights throughout the video; which is obviously needed from the evidence given (see above).


For a more balanced opinion I kindly scouted the comments and found this, glowing review from clear genius “kolagn”

“love it love it moar! :F great videoclop and great lyrics… so alive and makes me wanna run and screm! I DON’T CARE FOR ANYTHING! 😀 cheers 🙂 like 01:41 becouse it’s so psycho!”