Foals – Spanish Sahara

If like me you despise maths, but enjoy rock, then the supposed transformation of Foals is no bad thing. Dropping the rigidly squeaksome, ”math rock” sound of ”Antidotes” and moving into calmer, sub-Radiohead, reflective waters, it seems avoiding pigeonholing is high on Foals agenda. Yannis and co’s inability to commit to a producer has also paid off, with even the lowest quality youtube versions sounding crisper than a bag of walkers (huurr). The video itself is some sort of avant garde prequel to Goodfella’s, with the chubby short one from Adam and Joe, (Adam Buxton) dragging a horses head through snowily tundra-esque terrain. Note to bands: seven minutes upwards is not the new default time for a song, got that? Good

Joe Thresh

  • This is beautiful! I really didn’t like all that Math Rock stuff, it sounded ridiculous and they were always so pretentious in their interviews, I was sort of glad when they faded away.

    THIS IS REALLY GOOD THOUGH. I liiiike. xxx