Foals – 2 Trees

Just WHAT in the flip do you think you’re doing Foals? One does not simply take Radiohead’s signature melancholic, wangst-erific sound, sprinkle over a pained smile’s worth of optimism and repackage it as your own…Only the most smug, deluded, ”ready to suck off Thom Yorke at the bat of a beady eye”, bands pull ridiculous stunts like that. I suppose you can be excused this once, seeing how brilliantly mandatory information: latest single ”2 Trees” (taken from latest LP ‘Total Life Forever) sidesteps the pitfalls of the above stadium straddling ballbag’s. It’s skittering drums, distant shimmering/ laxed looping guitars and Yannis Philoseraptor’s falsetto chirps genuinely sound like the product of growth and a strive to avoid the dreaded pigeon holing they were hyper-actively bouncing towards in their former guise of math rock meddlers. As if a tune of Thom Yorkian standards wasn’t impressive enough, its accompanied by a video that appears to be a version of the muppets as directed by Salad Fingers creator David Firth, a sight almost as beautifully, tragically depressing as this .