Everything Everything – Schoolin'

Shunning the 50’s twang of guitar and jackets, that is achingly du jour at the moment, Manchester bands are making a stance against mediocrity. With Delphic breaking through and, rather annoyingly, sound tracking everything from mobile phones to match of the day, to HURTS melodramatic 80’s infused air grabbing pop, the sharp suits, pointed shoes and collars and cuffs of yesterday are back in full swing. Above is the highly anticipated first single from Everything Everything, next in line to hopefully deliver the goods. There myspace boasts former Beyonce fronted girl group Destiny’s Child as a major influence, and joyfully rather than a flippant joke, it shows. From the synthesized whistle of the intro, to the skewed time signatures of the outro, it reeks of 90’s R and B. Hopefully Everything Everything’s debut will impress enough to give lesser bands some… ”schoolin” …in being any good…HAHAHA

(I’m so sorry)