STREAM: Youth Lagoon’s “The Year Of Hibernation” right here


How do you like your pop? Fizzy, I bet. Me too, well to a certain degree. Nobody wants their ice cold beverage exploding upon every casual open, that would just be inconvenient. Not to mention that everything would be sticky and small animals would be drawn to you like a fly to fresh feces, it’s something of a nightmare. Pop music on the other hand, well, I enjoy mine minimalistic, with melancholic undertones, served on a bed of well seasoned garden vegetables and garnished with a single fig leaf. That probably explains why I’m somewhat in love with the debut album from Youth Lagoon aka Trevor Powers, a man who quit his job at Urban motherfucking Outfitters to make some music, thus showcasing the kind of raw determination rarely seen in this post-giving a shit economy. I mean, who’s going to be there to look achingly trendy and indifferent while I’m in need of assistance now? (Just kidding, I can’t afford clothing at Urban Outfitters, who do you think I am, [insert more popular blogger here]?). You can here his gorgeous debut below, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and some slightly stolen code from Spin.