STREAMAGGEDON: The Antlers ‘Burst Apart’ & Fleet Foxes ‘Helplessness Blues’

254 The-Antlers-Burst-Apart1

Hey, you! Yes, you! You seem like the kind of man/woman/child/Chris Chan that might enjoy the ability to stream a couple of new albums, am I right? Of course I am, which is why you’re reading precisely the right words on this here page. It would appear that NPR, public funded radio station de jour, have been granted permission to stream not only The Antlers ‘Burst Apart’ (check out that mutha’ fuckin’ artwork above, yo) but also to Fleet Foxes latest, handsomely titled long player ‘Helplessness Blues’. Want to cut ahead to the that sweet musical necter? Look below.

CLICK HERE for The Antlers, or HERE if you’re feeling Fleety.