STREAMAGGEDON 2 – STREAMIER, SEXIER, YOUTUBIER: Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer and others write songs LIVE on the net

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You know that dusty box of untapped potential you’ve tucked away in your soul’s attic space? That feeling, if only you could get together with some like minded individuals, in a practice room with a jamboree of instruments, you could fart out something truly, undeniably, okay sounding? It’s all well and good longing for such things, before realising you have no discernible talents besides aggressive procrastination and bumbling through life like a lazy housefly in a house of mirrors. I get it too sometimes. It’s a good job, bespectacled multi-instrumentalist, dork pop extrodinaire Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer (?), and some guy who soundtracks Doctor Who episodes, have got together, to patch over those holes in your musical career dreams then isn’t it? Above is a stream of the above people thrashing out an album all in the aid of charity. At the time of typing they’re wrangling a song that sounds a bit like Jools Holland boogie woogie-ing his way around a James Bond soundtrack, with Ben improvising drum fills like he’s auditioning for a remake of that famous Cadbury’s advert. Doesn’t that sound sort of interesting? Well it is! Watch it above and visit here for more info.