STREAMAGEDDON 3 – WHAT? MORE?: The Beastie Boys ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part 2’ album & film

252 Hot-Sauce-Committee-Part-2-Cover

Getting tired of this whole STREAMAGGEDON nonsense yet? Yeah, me too. But it’s nearly over, promise! Anyway, here’s that ‘Fight For Your Right Revisited’ short film (WARNING: that thing is 90% slow motion, I wish I was kidding. It’s straight up Zack Snyder in that shit), it features quite possibly the finest ensemble cast of all time and some OLD SKOOL HIPPIDY HOP BEATS to boot (don’t say I never give you anything). Also on our 100% organically grown menu this evening, we’re proud to present the very latest album from aging rap icons The Beastie Boys. I feel it’s important at this point to note that as of yet we don’t have the official word on what age you can stop referring to yourself as a boy but needless to say, we’ve got our top men on it. You’ll know as soon as I do.