STREAM: Wild Beasts – Smother

247 wild-beasts-smother

The act of smothering, isn’t one I myself or (I assume) Wild Beasts condone. Not only is it a bloody awful thing to do to someone, but it could also see you ruin a perfectly good pillow, and leave you with a particularly rumpled/creased/soiled set of bedsheets. Unless that is you come across the information that an elderly relative of yours has altered their will in your favour, in that instance I’m sure the courts will see you on your way after ruffling your hair and labeling you a ”scamp”*.  It would seem that Wild Beasts have chosen the title to their third album, almost as an oxymoron, as nowhere throughout is it overbearing, or swamped, quite the opposite infact. It should leave you breathless however. Lush sparse, delicate melodies are on the agenda this time around, in keeping with the previous, reverb heavy, spatially aware second effort Two Dancers, but stripping back, implementing a minimalism popularized recently by The XX and James Blake. Hayden Thorpe’s lyrics are as gleefully smutty as ever, and the tribal, tropical drums are there in places, if knowingly restricted, giving you glimpses through the fragility. It is truly an album to behold, and one that’s sure to see Wild Beasts catapulted into album of the year lists, when they roll round.

Did I make it sound good? I’m glad because it is! You can hear it/form your own opinion here!

*Yeeaaah this is a lie. OR IS IT?!                                                                                                         Yes it is.