STREAM: Ty Segall Band – Slaughterhouse


If this was the early noughties, the above image would probably be coming to you in the middle of playing a flash game, in an antiquated prank you kiddie winks will have heard being called a ”screamer” by old timers. The only screaming to be had here however is from the sheer and utter jubilation that comes with hearing The Ty Segall Band’s latest LP. Well that and the¬†torturous screaming from instruments and members captured within. Probably the heaviest thing Ty ”heir to Dev Hyne’s hardest working man in music” Segall has ever put out, Slaughterhouse sits somewhere between his whimsical folk meanderings found on his collaborative LP Hair, his ridiculously extensive back catalogue and having the guitars from Metal Machine Music kick the shit out of your eardrums for a couple of hours. Or in even more cliche’d journo terms ”Ty segall turns it up to 11 and it’s totally wicked rad man”.

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