STREAM: The Strokes – Comedown Machine

the strokes comedown machine

Don’t lie now, you were as bitterly disappointed by The Strokes long awaited 2011 effort ‘Angles’ as the rest of us were. Oh, sure, you might have claimed to like it for a few weeks as you rode that wave of pent up hype, but like most of us you crashed down on the beaches of reality and thought  “huh, that wasn’t worth the wait”. Saying that, it really didn’t help that the overwhelming vibe the band gave off was that of a retired toilet cleaner being put back on the job to tackle the worlds toughest skid mark. It’s for those reasons and more that the news of yet another Strokes LP didn’t strike my heart with the kind of excitement that struck others, but in the fashion of an abused lover, I’m ready to come back for another round of emotional torment. If you are too, then follow the capitalized, international Klein blue words below to hear the entire thing ahead of its March 25th release, where it may or may not be the album of your dreams.