STREAM: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks “Mirror Traffic” right now

163 Mirror Traffic

Well well, if it ain’t old Stevie Malkmus, back once again with his elite killing squad band The Jicks (a prize to anyone who can name a member of The Jicks who isn’t Malkmus without searching the internet). This time they’ve got themselves a new record and not a widely publicized campaign to get people to replace the words blow-job with something slightly more safe for work (turns out they didn’t like my suggestion of rimjob). Mirror Traffic marks the 5th outing with the aforementioned Jicks, and forms what Gabe refers to as “one of the best, most immediate records of Malkmus’ long career” (note: Gabe works for Matador, runs their blog and probably has a Matador tattoo somewhere on his body (penis)).

You can hear the Beck produced LP over at NPR right now. Or, if you’re the link clicking kind, drag your cursor to these wonderfully blue words and get to work.