STREAM: s/s/s – “Beak & Claw EP”


Can you, oh sexiest reader, remember a time when hotly anticipated and faintly bizzare new releases weren’t first available to stream on the websites of Dutch radio stations? It seems almost absurd now, in this day and age that previous generations did not indulge in what is now a deeply entrenched tradition. It’s only natural, therefore that the combined talents of Son Lux, Serengeti and Sufjan Stevens would continue in this vein. After all, who would they be if they went in any other direction? Dicks, probably. But they are not dicks. No, what they are though, at least for the moment, are proud parents of a little something they like to call “Beak & Claw”. You can hear the entire thing over here, but be warned, it’s bonkers in more ways than I can accurately describe. Honestly.


  • dave “beyond any doubt” 🙂