STREAM: Sleigh Bells’ “Reign Of Terror” in its entirety


It’s Valentines day, 2012. You’ve spent some money, they’ve spent some money. You got something, so did they. It’s so material, where’s the collective, man, where’s the we? Do yourself a favour, slide under the duvet, hold them close and listen to the pummeling guitar marathon that Sleigh Bells have offered us, on this most overwrought of days. It’s the perfect time, they’ve got a new album, the romantically titled Reign Of Terror, which once again teams former child popstress/present goddess Alexis Krauss together with perpetually angry looking pedal fan Derek Miller. So you know, something for both sexes to get all lusty about. Dancing the delicate dance between “oh, we totally did some different stuff” and “don’t worry, we’re still pretty much the same” like it ain’t no big thang, you can get your ears around it over at the New York Times website alongside some decently interesting back story. Just don’t be having sex or anything, that’d be dead weird.

Reign Of Terror comes out all proper, like, on the 21st of February on Mom + Pop Music.