STREAM: Radiohead’s RMX Launch Party Feat DJ Sets From Jamie XX, Caribou And Some Guy Called Thom Yorke (I dunno)


Thom Yorke is a man aware of the powerful nature of body language. Introverted, shy, a bit of a snarky bastard, Thom speaks through his art, a kaleidoscopic spectrum of talents that encompass a staggering FOUR different areas of expertise. Vocalist. Multi instrumentalist. Dancer (yes it is dancing, just accept it) and master of the yes this is me djing at some trendy LA night club. What did you do tonight? Stayed in and watch the telly again did we? Pfft…never mind eh? Did I mention Flylo is over there in the corner waiting for us to do best mate stuff together? Because he is pose. Well prepare to drop whatever it is you were planning on doing tonight, those tracks on your ipod can remain in lower case for another couple of hours jeez. In approximately 2 hours BOILER ROOM are live from London, as Thom and a gaggle of his dubstep/post-dub/future-garage/electronic infused friends commemorate the release of Radiohead’s RMX compilation in the only way they know best. Through extensive, genre spanning, relayed dj sets. Getchoself over here for 8:00pm (British time), adjust your gaze on the video waiting for you on that page and who knows? Maybe you’ll pick up some tips from Thom’s frantic jigging/camera glaring finesse. Hell my face has even begun to contort itself into a terrifying charicature of this image just from sustained thoughts of T-Homme. Something’s bound to rub off.