STREAM: Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ & ‘OK Computer’ turned 8-Bit

radiohead 8 bit

Novelty; how far can it get you? According to Coldplay, whose entire career can be attributed to the continued curiosity of a public interested as to what beige actually sounds like, it can get you all the way to somewhere near the top. Now, I’m not necessarily calling Quinton Song’s fucking sterling recreations of two already spotless recordings a novelty, which they are a bit, but rather the entire wave of tiresome nostalgia regarding the 8-Bit period. We get it, it was naive and by the nature of its limitations forced many creative types to actually act creatively, but believe me, there is nothing creative about utilising the aesthetic alone as a signifier for creativity. On the other hand, that ITTMOTS-style full length Radiohead RPG (you know the one, the one that starts awfully but gets spectacular) you’ve been dreaming of? It just found its soundtrack. You can hear both albums below.

What, no Amnesiac?