STREAM: Phédre – S/T


It’s pretty hard to deny, almost every song we love is pop music, in some way, shape or form. They’ve been grown from the same richly fertilized soil as ourselves and it’s hard to escape that kind of deep encoding. There are great reasons at to why popular music endures so completely, it’s something glorious, something equally likely to make us dance as to break our hearts, and should be celebrated accordingly. Recently, there’s been an awkward trend of musicians avoiding the term, defining themselves as post-something or [insert adjective here]-house. Pop should not be a dirty word, and enjoying it should not be an act akin to furiously touching yourself just as the 178 pulls in to its final stop in a freakishly cold February (yes, I saw you, not cool). So there. Phédre make pop, they know that. They’re having fun, their music a mutated mix of Chad Valley-esque synth grooves, blog friendly lo-fi style and Greek mythology. They want you to have fun too. Their début album is up for streaming below, it’s pretty good.