STREAM: Perfume Genius’ “Put Your Back N 2 It” in full


My my, doesn’t time fly? It seems like only 2 months and 7 days ago that I reported on the effortlessly exciting news of the forthcoming tear-a-thon/grammar classic “Put Your Back N 2 It“, and here we are, 2 months and 8 days later, able to hear the entire thing for free. Yes, both yours and mine favourite Crohn’s Disease sufferer has gone right on ahead with his plans to dominate the years post-breakup/sexual molestation mixtapes by offering the album up as a free stream over at Spin’s website, which I have helpfully stolen and placed below for your enjoyment.

SPOILER: “Put Your Back N 2 It” is devastatingly beautiful, crushingly wonderful and absolutely recommended listening for anybody who’s even a little bit miserable (everyone)