STREAM: Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica


Like overworked nurses, tirelessly sacrificing their all through an unwavering empathy for others well being, or nameless soldiers fighting not for personal gain, but for the noble preservation of the greater good, Judy’s of the world are unsung heroes. For instance prime time babble battleaxe Judy Finnigan spent countless years subjected to the most obnoxiously beige shit-chat, a tedium intercut only by constant beration from husband Richard Madley, a prolonged ordeal that’s seen the once spritely morning presenter warped into a boob bearing, Anne Widdecome-alike. Similarly I challenge you to watch this episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, particularly the scenes with Larry screaming ”JUDAY” like a deaf enthusiast of TV judges mid orgasm, without feeling at least a twinge of sympathy for the inanimate doll in question. All things considered, I think it only fair that Daniel Lopatin’s long standing companion and the main component in shaping his Oneohtrix Point Never project, a Juno synthesizer named (surprise) Judy, get’s added to the ever widening list of casualties. It’s evident that the staple sound that formed the basis of Lapotin’s earlier work, has taken a back seat on this his sixth release, Replica, giving way to stuttering sample collage pieces, spliced together from cable TV advertisements. The haunting piano of replica surfaces and resides throughout, lacing the affair with a mood and sound not too dissimilar to Thom Yorke’s debut The Eraser, an atmosphere that when mingled with the sparodic percussion introduces us to a strange unfamiliar clarity where previously lo-fi aesthetics dominated. This rapid progression in method and motive sees OPN dabbling in textured tracks closer to Flylo’s intergalactic electro jazz, than bedroom Blade Runner composer, an introspective intriguing new avenue incorporating the past into a clearer, sharper vision. Hear Replica fo yoself below an that.