STREAM: Les Sins – Fetch/Taken 12″


FACT #1: A month ago, Caribou told you EDM was shit and he was about to save it.

FACT #2: He planned to do so, via his own imprint JIAOLONG.

FACT #3: Les Sins (the alternative moniker of Toro Y Moi, or Chazwick Bundick to his mother) is also signed to that label.

FACT #4: Daphni (that EDM reviving twerp) has a song called Ye Ye, which can be heard here

FACT #5: Ye Ye repeats the words Yeah Yeah

FACT #6: Les Sins new track ‘Taken’ features a sample of a person saying Yeah Yeah, many times

FACT #7: Daphni and Les Sins are only the first in long line of musicians to exploit the affirmative

FACT #8: This is a highly developed trick designed to stop independent thought

FACT #9: Daphni and Les Sins are clearly part of the Illuminati

FACT #10: You can hear both tracks from Les Sins’ first release since 2010’s pretty excellent Lina above this sorry excuse for an introduction