STREAM: Lemonade – Diver


What are you doing right now? Mhm… yeah, well that does sound sort of important. Nevermind, let’s try this instead; What are you doing later? That’s right, you’re going to listen to Lemonade’s second full length album and(!) first release since 2010’s great Pure Moods EP. It’s called Diver and I’ve written about it a couple of times recently, meaning by now you should be thoroughly hyped to dive (dear god, I hate myself) into a universe where calypso tinged dance parties grind against 90s R’n’B without warning nor notice. The entire thing is up for streaming above, and available to purchase on the 29th of May via True Panther Sounds.

PSA: Ice Water is now the party jam of 2012, don’t leave home without it.