STREAM: Land Observations – Roman Roads


Octavian to Augustus by Land Observation

Land Observations is the name of London based James Brooks. Roman Roads is the title of his début EP since leaving the minimalist post-rock trio Appliance (muzak hear) behind to hunt down, er, the historic roads of Britain. Well, the Roman ones anyway. After all, the only thing the M1 manages t0 inspire is a generally dim world view and a burning desire to butcher that one guy behind you in traffic who believes that listening to the musical equivalent of a war crime (N-Dubz) loudly is not only good, it’s great. 

‘Roman Roads’ is not an aerial view of its inspiration, instead it’s more akin to looking at the ground as you walk over it. Fleeting impressions loop and gather momentum as different elements are introduced, building. Carefully considered and effortlessly beautiful, it’s vaguely reminiscent of one of my favourite 2010 releases, Dustin Wong’s “Infinite Love”, which also combined  slowly evolving melodies and looping techniques to great effect, albeit

So, with that surprisingly sincere moment of music journalism, I point you in the direction of this place here which would simply love to sell you a copy of that EP. While it’s in the post though, check out the other two tracks below.

Fosse Way (Fragment) by Land Observations

Viae (In C Major) by Land Observations