STREAM: Just Tell Me That You Want Me – A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac


Right, so, whilst I was left frightened and alone without the internet for a two whole weeks (tip: never, ever move house), giants of the reasonably well known independent music world (that’s right, all of them) announced their coming together to pay tribute to the soon to be reunited Fleetwood Mac. This collaboration was to be called ‘Just Tell Me That You Want Me’ and since then, we’ve seen nearly every song from that jam party leak all the way out onto the internet and into your lucky, lucky lug holes. Rather than gather the disconnected strands of that record, here’s the entire thing, featuring 10 bands doing their best Buckingham and Nicks impersonations, some of which are pretty outstanding.

SIDE PROJECT OF THE DAY: Could you create an uglier design for the cover artwork of JTMTYWM? Submissions in the comments below, winner takes it all.