STREAM: Jens Lekman – I Know What Love Isn’t


Hey, that brown square over to the left of these words, you see it? The one with the circle inside it, the one with little regard for the laws of children’s shape sorting puzzles, the cocky bastard. Well, that’s the artwork for Jens Lekman’s newest (and quite possibly best) record to date, ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’, and his very first since 2008’s spectacular Night Falls Over Kortedala. Provided you’ve been a good reader and refrained from sampling the fruits of the forbidden twee tree, you too can now enjoy the sense of well being, sexual virility and increased dress sense that I Know What Love Isn’t has gifted to me and thousands others like me over these last two weeks. For all these benefits and more, the album is up for streaming above.

For those of you with the good sense to put down money, IKWLI is dropping on the 4th of September and can be purchased here for those of us in the Europes or here for our chums in the U.S.A