STREAM: James Blake’s “Enough Thunder” EP


Melodic dubstep, post-dubstep, afterthewub-step. Whatever you wish to designate it in order to differentiate yourself from the 5,617 people who liked this Facebook page (Humanity: why?), it’s fine with me, I accept you. James Blake does too, the matter of “dirt” is one that’s clearly so intensely bothersome to him that he spoke about in this decent-if-not-shouty interview. And so, we have his first post-debut EP, titled “Enough Thunder”. It’s got some songs on it, alright. Songs like the pretty bad Justin Vernon collab ‘Fall Creek Boys Choir‘, yeah. It’s also a continuation of that singing phase he’s been going through which is transforming him into the white boy soul singer songwriter you never hoped he’d be, albeit one with typically great production. You can listen to it below, he even turns into GLaDOS for a little bit during ‘Not Long Now’, which is wonderful.

UPDATE: Ooer, looks like some people are struggling to see it embedded above. You can see at this link anyway, have fun.