STREAM: Gold Panda’s ‘Mountain/Financial District’ single

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Oh, Gold Panda, apple of an entire years (2010) eyes. It’s been two years and five days since I first scribbled your name all over these cyan walls of mine, it’s just flown right on by, hasn’t it? Those days and nights spent hanging by the computer screen, hopin’ and a wishin’ that you’d just go ahead and release something all official like, they passed in the blink of an eye. So this is it, Gold Panda’s first new material (not counting Companion, which featured his previously released EP’s), coming straight at you in the form of a new 7″. Both Mountain and it’s accompanying b-side Financial District are cut from much the same cloth as his previous work, meaning the same heart tugging combination of traditional Chinese music, Indian drone and modern IDM is ready to please your ears once again. Now, just don’t leave me hanging for another couple of years, aight?

Mountain/Financial District is dropping via Ghostly on the 5th of June, pre-order it here.