STREAM: Gold Panda – Trust EP


There are several indisputable facts about Derwin Panda, 1) he makes lovely music, 2) he has a great name, and 3) he releases all of his best music in the form of EPs. Of course, his debut long player ‘Lucky Shiner’ was a thing of select beauty, but  it was the quiet re-release of his early EPs as a collection entitled Companion which offered the vast swathes of invention that could really get you inappropriately excited. So here he is, back again with a new EP called ‘Trust’, which is naturally quite an excellent thing, if only for offering a spiritual successor to his very best song (Fifth Ave) in the form of ‘Casyam_59#02’, hidden at the very end of the EP, which is outrageously brilliant.

You can stream  the entire thing above, or purchase it here.