STREAM: Gold Panda – Half Of Where You Live

half of where you live

It’s tough to believe it’s been nearly three years since Gold Panda released his debut LP ‘Lucky Shiner’ into a cloud of hype so dense it became hard to appreciate just how inferior it was to his series of masterful EP releases (later collected on the absolutely recommended Companion LP), but to call it a poor album would be a vast disservice, it was, in fact, still pretty fucking great. Either by chance or intention, dearest Derwin seems to have clocked on to this most fatal of mistakes and worked super hard on not releasing much material between albums this time. Besides a 12″, double A-side single and one lonesome EP offering a slice of Panda at his best, we’ve had precious little to enjoy from the big man besides a near constant stream of anxiety and panic on his Twitter account regarding this, his second LP.

If that terror sounds like something which would spawn a pleasurable listening experience, you’d probably be right, but on the off chance you aren’t, there’s always that big widget up there to find out for yourself.

You can pre-order the album from iTunes here, or as a physical release here.