STREAM: Friendly Fires – Pala

240 Friendly-Fires-Pala

In the absence since Friendly Fires debut, we’ve seen dance punk/funk dwindle into a tepid puddle of LCD retirement tinged sorrow, and Thom Yorke reinstate his Dad dance dominance over Ed Mcfarlane’s equally exuberant gyrations. To put it in a torturous metaphorical way, the party had reached less that euphoric 3am off your face Balearic bubble, and more the morning after clear up whilst you try to excorsise your body of an epic hangover. Fear not FF fans, the St Albans trio feel you yearning too, which is why in an act of kindness they’ve thrown you a bone (or parrot?). Below in that colorful square is their latest album Pala A WHOLE 7 DAYS BEFORE RELEASE, and in even better news, it’s not that unholy Nsync trading off with The Bee Gees mashup, they’ve professed the album sounds like, rather its reminiscent of The Egyptian Lover getting funky with Hercules and Love Affair. Doesn’t that sound joyously hedonistic/camp? Well it is! Go on, get your groove on below you scamps.