You remember Daphni, don’t you? It’s the EDM outfit of Dam Smith (he of Caribou fame), a man who despises the mass produced club system far more than you or I would believe. He’s been quietly releasing music under the moniker Daphni for a couple of years now, throwing out choice cuts on his very own label JAIOLONG In a rather confusing turn of events, the other month, Daphni (Dan Smith, Caribou) announced he would release an album of this material, entitled JAIOLONG, to be put out on his label JAIOLONG, for the benefit of capital fans the world over. So here it is, your daily dose of music you can dance to in places where attractive people hang out.

FEELING GLUM? Why not give the oh-so-serious nature of Godspeed’s latest offering a try?

Hear it above, purchase it here.