STREAM: Dan Deacon – America


Sometimes in this crazy, modern life of ours, one has to pick a side between typically disparate worlds of glitchy electronic loop-pop and contemporary classical composition. It’s a problem been known to tear a person apart, distance them from their friends and family, wear a lovers patience dangerously thin and, in certain cases, cause a mild skin irritation only treatable with a light steroid ointment. It’s with that knowledge that we welcome back Dan Deacon into our lives. He’s got a new record out entitled  ‘America’ (his first since 2009’s Bromst) which, if this lengthy preamble has failed to sufficiently prepare you, wears the duality of it’s creators musicianship like a florescent green overcoat of honour. You can stream it above, where my guarantee of its excellence can be traded in at the door for 43 minutes of listening pleasure.

America is out today via Domino.