STREAM: Camera Obscura – Desire Lines


It’s pretty tough to argue with Glasgow’s status as one of the UK’s finest music cities, in comparison to the remainder of the United Kingdom it’s spawned the likes of Belle & Sebastian, Aztec Camera, Mogwai, Arab Strap, Primal Scream and Orange Juice. There’s just some sort of hideous, brilliant magic nestled comfortably between the mountainous piles of heroin and deep fried monstrosities (ha! Cultural stereotypes!) that helps forge fantastic bands. One such fantastic band are the criminally underrated Camera Obscura, who, across 4 albums proved themselves more than a fever dream of post-Belle & Sebastian romanticism and instead one of the loveliest pop acts around. So, 4 years after My Maudlin Career found itself released into a marketplace scarcely prepared for a single as perfect as this, the group have returned with an entirely new collection of 12 songs for your absolute listening pleasure. It’s called ‘Desire Lines’, and can be heard by clicking the blue words below, just don’t mistake it for this.