STREAM: Brian Eno – LUX

brian eno lux

You know what’s terrible? Music. Seriously, what’s up with all those melodies, man? Unbelievable, right? You know what’s pretty wild though, ambient. There’s just so much to love, y’know, that seemingly infinite sea of sound stretching out before you, slowly ebbing towards no particular climax at all. It’s like every single one of my relationships, which have been great, thanks for asking. Brian Eno is a bloke who knows a thing or two about all that, because after being perfect in Roxy Music he popped off to be perfect on his own and just so happened to invent the whole bloody genre (well, sort of) in the process. It’s with open arms, then, that we welcome back into the partially opaque fold with LUX, his first solo outing in seven whole years and his first proper ambient release in much longer. The entire thing is available to stream over at Q (that’s here) for those of us residing The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, or for those elsewhere on the planet, SPIN has the record up over at these blue words you’re reading at the moment, with your face.

LUX is dropping properly (or is that droperly? ARF ARF ARF) on the 14th of November via Warp, it may well be worth picking up.