STREAM: Air’s “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” Soundtrack/Album


It’s impossible not to think of Air without feeling the smallest glimmer of disappointment. After all, they became so intrinsically linked with their effortlessly sexy début album, Moon Safari, that they struggled to overcome the massive success of “Sexy Boy”, a song which now says “French” more clearly than sudden surrender and cheese consumption (HA! STEREOTYPES!). So what of the duo in the twenty twelves? My, how nice of you to (not) ask, because the following words are going to explain their exploits in what will likely be described as “unnecessarily verbose”. They’ve been keeping busy by recording a soundtrack to the 1902 silent film “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” or, if you prefer “A Trip To The Moon”, to coincide with the restored, recoloured version currently making the rounds at film festivals in places you’ve never heard of. As an exercise in offering the world a chance to re-appreciate a quietly revered classic, whilst simultaneously offering us the opportunity to care a little about Air again, it’s a bit wonderful. All this is great, I know, it gets you all warm inside, but what difference does it make to us, living our lives out here in the future? Well thanks to the presumably good folks over at NPR, it means we’ve got 31:39 worth of piping hot, French soundtrack to go alongside our 10:39 worth of classic science fiction. Just don’t expect Tellier esque smooth-o-pop to grind along to Georges Méliès, you’ll likely just end up confused and distressed, hunting out a copy of 300 for comfort.

Hear the entire soundtrack over HERE, just follow the big blue word. Also for your convenience find the film itself embedded below, because I love you.