STREAM: Panda Bear – Tomboy


I’m hoping you’re in agreement with me, when I ponder over how brilliant it would be, if someone created music that emulates going back in time, gathering up a herd of Glastonbury stone circle hippies, capturing The Beach Boys, entrusting them with a symphony of synthesisers, before prodding them in the direction of a cathedral to record an album. Yeah my soul just felt a twitch down there as well, its nothing to be ashamed of. Welp there’s a few options available to you in hearing this fabled record, I suggest one of the following three:

A.) Attempt recording the album yourself, and hope that ounce of talent you ”know you left somewhere, if only I could remember…where..”, stretches far enough to make something that doesn’t sound like brain damaged kittens trying to escape from Tron

B.) Throw last ever LCD gig amounts of money into a Brian Wilson concert, spiking his backstage fruit bowl with brown acid, and replacing everyone with sequencers before he goes on

C.) Click the link coming up after these words right about, nooooow (link) to mosey on over to the good people at NPR, who are streaming Noah Lennox’s alter ego Panda Bear’s latest Tomboy. It’s been anticipated on a ”WHEN ARE RADIOHEAD GOING TO RELEASE AN ALBUM THAT ISN’T STANLEY DONWOOD’S DEBUT!?” level for over a year now, so go an decide if it lives up to all that carrot dangling you scamps!

(Personally I’d go for B, for the laugh, but that’s just me)